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How to watch football online?

To watch football live online, we don't need to go to conventional football websites. Just by going to sports pages we can satisfy our needs. But why is it recommended? Very simple: broadcasts of football matches on sports sites are loyal to their users because that loyalty allows them to earn money.

In these places you will not only be able to watch football, but you will also be able to watch tennis online, formula 1 racing and MotoGP.

The best pages to watch football online for free

We know first-hand how complicated it is sometimes to watch soccer online for free with a quick search on the Internet. Google offers us a lot of options, and when we finally find the perfect website for us, the game is already over.

To avoid this problem, here is a list of the best pages to watch football online for free:

» Mama HD

This is one of the most popular soccer sites due to its ease of use, versatility, and variety of sports options. Mom HD Soccer is one of the portals that you have to take into account if you love watching sports live.

events mama hd, sport mama hd

» Live TV

A not insignificant page to be able to watch your favorite football matches at any time and place just by having a smartphone or a PC connected to the Internet at your fingertips.

Live TV parties, football live tv

» Direct red

Although this page has had many problems for transmission rights, it continues consolidating its leadership in free online soccer. Direct red continues trying to be one of the referents of online soccer portals.

direct red soccer, watch soccer in direct red

» The House of Tiki Taka

On this page we can watch free football live through a wide variety of links and options. In The House of Tiki Taka we can find the leagues that you can see on this website are basically the most important in Europe: Spanish, Italian, English, French and German.

events the house of tiki taka, football the house of tiki taka

» Pirlo TV

This page is considered one of the best to watch free football online. Do not miss best sport matches, find out all about Pirlo TV in our analysis.

View of the Pirlo TV portal

» Soccer on TV

This page features a full schedule of league matches, where you will find the Santander league, the Copa del Rey, the Champions League, and practically all the divisions of Spanish football.

football on tv, football matches on tv

» BatmanStream

This page certainly has a somewhat unusual name for a football website. Nevertheless, BatmanStream will allow you to find links where you can watch matches football online for free and live, without the need to download anything.

Batman Stream Portal View

» Intergoles

We recommend you take a look at our review of Intergoles so that you are aware of the best places where enjoy your favorite sport.

View of the Intergoles portal

» sportlemon

Find the best international football on this page. All the games of your favorite team and a great variety of links you will find in this sportlemon.

view sportlemon, sportlemon calendar, sportlemon parties

» SoccerArg

Considered one of the best sports streaming websites, with calendar and all kinds of sports available. Analyzed SoccerArg so you can watch the best soccer for free.

futbolarg events, futbolarg matches

» EliteGol

This portal is one of the referents to watch football online. Discover what's new EliteGol and how not to miss a Real Madrid-Barcelona with the analysis that we offer you.

elitegol sports, elitegol calendar

The best paid websites to watch football online

» BeinConnect

This page is available for Smart TV, IOS, Android, PC/Mac, Play Station and Chromecast.

watch soccer beingconnect, watch games beingconnect

» Movistar Champions League

This page is about a paid channel to watch the Champions League and the European League.

watch Movistar Champions League football, watch movistar champions league matches

» Orange TV Soccer

On Orange TV you can watch all the football online that you want in different leagues and through transmission plans.

watch soccer Orange TV Soccer, watch matches orange tv soccer

What is the best page to watch soccer for free?

All over the internet we can find different pages where we can watch football online, but can you really watch the games without cuts? Below we collect the best places to watch football online for free without cuts. Because there is nothing more annoying than watching our favorite team and the streaming starts to stop, causing jerks and anger.

To avoid those pulls, we have compiled the best servers, which most they are free and spend few resources, so you can watch all the sport online without interruptions. Both free and paid services have become the best way to watch your team play, either because you are in another place or because you want to watch the games directly from home without leaving your living room, these forms of online broadcasts (live on the internet) are the most recommended.

Many of the websites that we can find to watch football matches do not have the necessary image quality and streaming stops every two times three. In addition, they fill you with advertising or you cannot find all the games.

For that reason we have compiled some pages where you will not have that kind of problem in no time so you can watch football from the comfort of your sofa at home.

TOP 5 Best Pages to Watch Soccer Online

Here you have the Top of the best pages to watch football. Each one has its own advantages and therefore you can choose the one that best suits your needs at all times. These are the most recommended pages to watch live football:

BeIN Connect

watch soccer beingconnect, watch games beingconnect
You can find the best football without leaving home

This website has a monthly fee service where you can subscribe to watch football live. The service has been on the market for less time than others of the same style, but nevertheless it has been able to keep up with the largest ones.

Count with one good performance and luxury technical support, so you will not have any failure during the broadcasts you are watching. In addition, his match packs are very complete and we will be able to find leagues from all over the world.

One of the biggest advantages too, is that it has support for mobile devices and tablets, so you can take football with you anywhere.

Between your channels It has the following:

  • BeIN The League
  • Bein Sports
  • HD goal
  • LaLiga 123TV
  • BEIN LaLiga 4K
  • BeIN LaLiga Max

We consider this one of the best payment options if we don't want to miss any game of our favorite team in all competitions.

Direct red

direct red soccer, watch soccer in direct red
What games can we see in Roja Directa?

This live football portal is one of the best known to watch matches for free. Despite the fact that it has been operating for many years, it has been changing its domain continuously.

On this website we can find all the football matches of the best leagues in the world, in addition to seeing other sports disciplines such as tennis, basketball or motor sports.

If you want to know more about Roja Directa, we recommend that you take a look at our Complete analisis.


watch Movistar Champions League football, watch movistar champions league matches
You have all the football in Movistar

Considered by many to be the best service for watching football without any availability complications, it is undoubtedly an option to take into account. It has been on the market for years and continues to be one of the more complete and better options to watch football online without cuts. 

Available in a monthly payment service, Movistar offers a great variety of matches and various leagues and competitions from around the world. From its website you can register and contract its services to be able to enjoy all its football

Between the available channels that Movistar offers in its service include the following:

  • LaLiga Santander, with the great match included and the other matches of the day
  • The complete King's Cup
  • The UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League
  • All LaLiga 123
  • The highest level international leagues such as the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Calcio and many more

Batman Stream

Batman Stream Portal View
Find your favorite team's match in Batman Stream

This free live soccer portal is one of the best options out there. With more than 30 channels to watch soccer from all the world's leagues, in addition to the matches of the day, we can find hours of sports every day. Is a very stable, responsive website where you can watch football for free and other sports from your computer, mobile or tablet without problems.

It has advertising and you may have to wait a few seconds before you can start watching the selected match, but once the ad has passed, you can enjoy the broadcast for free and without interruptions.

If you want to know more about this portal to watch football you have our Full review at the link below.


elitegol sports, elitegol calendar
Are you ready to discover all the sports you can watch on Elitegol?

This portal has online content, both live and deferred from all the leagues in the world. You can watch football matches live or recorded and pick them up at any time so you don't miss a single minute.

It has a large number of channels to enjoy free online football matches. Is it so available all the most important leagues and cups in the world and when World Cups or European Championships are held, you can also enjoy their matches.

Here's our full review about this portal to watch football for free.

Conclusions to see Soccer Online without cuts

Regardless of where you are, if what you are looking for is enjoy your computer at any time of the day, You will be able to do it on all the websites of this Top.

Thanks to this you will be able to enjoy online, live and free of all sports without cuts. These websites are updated daily and offer you updated content so that you can find what you are looking for at all times.

We remind you that this list is only informative so that you can learn about the services offered.

Recommendations and warnings about watching football online

  • Surely you know it but it is convenient to insist on it: if you don't have a good connection, any game will be a headache.
  • Prepare your online match with some time. By this we mean that you do not leave the transmission for the last minute but that you test your platform in advance.
  • Some free websites offer a lower quality level than paid options, in addition to excessive use of advertising.
  • Look for the best option a little in advance and stay with her if possible.

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